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Research & Writing Tools :

1.       DELNET ( Inter-library Loan) : IISER Mohali  is a member DELNET ( Developing Library Network). DELNET is a non profitable resource sharing Library Network developed with support of NIC, Min. Of Communications & Information Technology, Govt of India. Its main objective is to promote resource sharing among member libraries through networking. Any Institution/Library interested in using DELNET resources for borrowing books from libraries, getting photocopies of articles and for research and reference, and willing to contribute records of its library holdings for resource sharing purposes among institutional members of DELNET can join as an institutional member of DELNET. The DELNET at present has 7054 libraries as its members, of which 292 libraries are in Delhi, 6740 outside Delhi in 28 States and 8 Union Territories and 22 in overseas. DELNET has developed the Union catalogue of more than 150 lakh records of all these member library holdings  ( Both books & Journals) and posted at . User of these member libraries can have the following privileges after login :



           Step.2: Click on to “New Discovery Portal”. You should be able land on Welcome page.


           Step.2  Click on “Login”

          Step. 3 Login  ( pbiiser) case sensitive

                      Password: iis2075

          Step4 : Databases access       


 User can search and retrieve the list of books / records required and can locate the name of the holding library. ( List of members at   left side of the home page). If any of you find any of the book / article which is not available in our library , need for reference for short period / copy of article may kindly send bibliographical details to  so that library can get that book / article on inter library loan / Document delivery.


2.      Grammarly Tool : Grammarly is the writing support tool and plagiarism prevention (Not detection) software. Grammarly is created by linguists to ensure (1)to Write articles or dissertations with appropriate English language, ensuring better articulation and acceptance within the publishing community (2) in compliance to APA, MLA and Chicago styles as mandated by leading publishers (3) Ensure your article or dissertation is conforming to appropriate style, format, structure and is free of grammatical errors(4) Grammarly checks for more than 350+ types of errors not usually possible with other editing documents(5) Preventive check of plagiarism through 'Citation-Audit' which ensures that you do not miss critical reference. Prevention is better than cure.


How to Register


             If you are a new User


           Step. 1: For creation of GRAMMARLY account, you may write an email to (Admin) from your

                        Institutional email ID. Once admin Creates an account for you then you will get an invitation e-mail from

                        GRAMMARLY to set up a password. Sometimes the verification mail may go to Spam/Junk/Promotion folder.


              Step 2: Kindly Verify the activation mail from Grammarly.


-         Once registered, users will land on the 'Grammarly Editor, ' which is easy to use and explore.


For User Guide Please click here


-         The MS Word Plugin can be downloaded from the support page after registration from the link :


The same User ID and Password credentials will grant access to use the Plugin for users.


             2. If you are already registered  ( Not New user) :


          Step 1: go to *

   (mandatory to Login with your password which was already setup )





3.      WRITEFUL : WRITEFUL is Writing tool. It uses the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques to give language feedback on scientific texts. It has been developed especially for students and researchers, and its feedback is tailored to academic writing. Using Writefull enables students and research staff to have more confidence in their writing and to make fewer errors, increasing their productivity and fostering academic success.


-         To Access to “Writefull for Word”, “Writefull for Overleaf” , “ Writefull Revise” , and “ Writefull Cite


This is your institution-specific Writefull Revise link:
This is your institution-specific Writefull Cite link

The download links to Writefull for Word and for Overleaf can be found on our website:

For Word
For Overleaf:

Having downloaded the app(s), students and staff can create a Writefull account from within the app of their choosing. It is important that they use their institutional email address.



4.      MyLOFT ( My Library at Finger Tips) : MyLOFT is a library App works which gives access to IISER Mohali Community when they are out of campus ( Off Campus) to subscribed  e-Journals, e-Books , e-Newspaper Portal and Databases of IISER Mohali. However library online catalogue, library website and IRINS are also linked with this App. So you will get all sources /services on one platform. Since library has limited number of “Logins” under subscription, library allots the access to the users as per policy defined by Committee.


         Once the account created for you, so you are going to get automatic "Welcome mail from "MyLOFT". So click on link  

         Provided in the body of mail within 90 hours and set up a password. Incase you did not get the link active to set up

         Password, then click on " Compose in HTML" button on email body/your email boxes, there you will get.

Kindly note that:

          1. For Android Mobile- can download from Google Play store   OR


          2. iPhone - can download from App store   OR


          3. Web App – we have to download Chrome extension or Microsoft extension which are available through Chrome store

                ( Browser Extension (Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Brave ) like plugin for / to avail interactive features of App. 



            3.A. Link for Browser Extension (for Chrome):


           3.B Link for Browser Extension (for Microsoft Edge):


             Once you set up a password, it will take you to landing page of "
MyLOFT - IISER Mohali". Only first time please       

              select the name of Institute and give your password. Rest of the features and functionalities are user friendly.


             For training pl click : 



5.      OURIGINAL : Ouriginal is Plagiarism detection software / tool that helps to detect and prevent plagiarism while writing your Dissertation / Thesis/ Manuscript, regardless of language. Access to this tool was provided by Min of Education through INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar. Ouriginal brings together the combined expertise of Urkund and PlagScan, spanning over three decades. It is simple, reliable and easy to use, combining text-matching with writing-style analysis to promote academic integrity and prevent plagiarism.


         To use this tool, you can write an email to through your IISER Mohali email id to create a

         “Login” for you.



6.     Press Reader : Press Reader is a online newspaper and magazine’s portal, through this portal one can access more than 7000 Publications from 130+ countries in 60 different languages. To use this portal, there is no need of “Login”. Readers can access to this portal across IISER Mohali campus.



7.      SciFinderⁿ :   CAS  SciFindern is true source for authoritatively identifying a chemical substance and its related chemical structures, chemical names, regulatory information, and properties, including CAS Registry Numbers®, reaction schemes, step-by-step experimental procedures, detailed conditions, and product yields.  SciFinder Scholar provides easy access to the rich and diverse scientific information contained in the CAS databases including Chemical Abstracts from 1907 onwards. SciFinder Scholar offers a variety of pathways to explore CAS databases as well as MEDLINE. It's interface provides the most accurate and comprehensive chemical and related scientific information including: journal articles and patents together in one source, substance data, chemical reactions, chemical regulatory data, chemical suppliers, biomedical literature. SciFinder Scholar covers not only chemistry but also Agriculture, Biology and Life Sciences, Engineering, Food, Geology, Medical, Physics, Polymer and Material Sciences.

              In order to use the database, one has to register the name with IISER Mohali email id as per following steps :


              Step 1 :  Create your login ID for SciFinder web version by clicking on link below:


                     (If you see above link in two lines, then you need to copy/past/join in your browser and then click Go to visit it)


                Step 2

                   You will receive confirmation email titled "SciFinder Registration - Your Confirmation Required" in few minutes.

                    Please click on the link email (in 48 Hrs) and activate your access


              Step 3

                 First, open the CAS SciFindern Login page by Log in using your CAS SciFinder® Username and Password



            Step.4 : For Support :>

Ministry of Education Projects :

IRINS (Indian Research Information Network System) : IRINS is web-based Research Information Management (RIM) service developed by the Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre. The portal facilitates the academic, R&D organisations and faculty members, scientists to collect, curate and showcase the scholarly communication activities and provide an opportunity to create the scholarly network. The IRINS is available as free software-as-service to the academic and R&D organisations in India. It has integrated with academic identity such as ORCID ID, ScopusID, Research ID, Microsoft Academic ID, Google Scholar ID for ingesting the scholarly publication from various sources

Shodhganga : a reservoir of Indian theses @ INFLIBNET : (SanskritShodh, transl.research and discovery; Ganga, the river) is a digital repository of theses and dissertations submitted to universities / HEIs in India. By 2022, as many as 544 universities in India have signed MoUs with the INFLIBNET Centre to participate in the Shodhganga project. The full text of all the documents submitted to Shodhganga are available to read and to download in open access to the academic community worldwide. The repository has a collection of over 300,000 theses and 8000 synopses. The Shodhganga repository was created consequent on the University Grants Commission making it mandatory through regulations issued in June 2009 for all universities to submit soft copies of PhD theses and MPhil dissertations to the UGC for hosting in the INFLIBNET.

National Digital Library of India ( NDLI) : National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a virtual repository of learning resources which is not just a repository with search/browse facilities but provides a host of services for the learner community. It is sponsored and mentored by Ministry of Education, Government of India, through its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT). NDLI provides user group-specific services such as Examination Preparatory for School and College students and job aspirants. Services for Researchers and general learners are also provided. NDLI is designed to hold content of any language and provides interface support for 10 most widely used Indian languages. It is built to provide support for all academic levels including researchers and life-long learners, all disciplines, all popular forms of access devices and differently-abled learners It is Repository of contents from multiple subject domains like Technology, Science, Humanities, Agriculture and others.Repository integrates contents from different Indian Institutional Repositories such as:


NPTEL : MHRD sponsored project that hosts 10,000+ video lectures in engineering domain.

DLI :More than 5,00,000 global classical books

Inflibnet :Hosts 38,000+ thesis and synopsis reports authored by Indian Researchers from different institutes

KrishiKosh : More than 50,000 agricultural books, journals, articles and reports

NCERT : Hindi and English books of different subjects for students from primary to 12th standard

SNLTR : Digitization of literary works by Rabindranath Tagore

and so on. Library members have to register with Institute email id as bonafide members of NDL and each member has to login initially once to confirm the details of the same.

Bibliographical & Citation databases

Library provides access to the following Bibliographical databases and software :


MathSciNet : It is the product of American Mathematical Society, Provides web access to the bibliographic data and reviews of mathematical research literature contained in the Mathematical Reviews Database. It Covers world's mathematical literature since 1940. The MathSciNet has signed reviews, powerful search functionality, and timely updates. It fosters the navigation of mathematics literature by providing links to original articles and other original documents, when available, and by encouraging links from journal article references to MathSciNet.


Scopus : Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research. It is designed to find the information scientists need. Quick, easy and comprehensive, Scopus provides superior support of the literature research process.



Full Text Databases

ACS Web Edition + Legacy Archives :. ACS will be the world's most trusted source of the comprehensive knowledge needed to cultivate the chemists of tomorrow. The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society provides the worldwide scientific community with a comprehensive collection of the most cited peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences. In addition to 50 research journals, the society also publishes the premier weekly newsmagazine of the chemical enterprise, Chemical & Engineering News. With the ACS Journal Archives, ACS Publications provides searchable access to over 130 years of original research in chemistry. The ACS Legacy Archives provides full-text searching and instant access to all titles, volumes, issues, and articles published by the ACS from 1879 to 1995. Institute has access to Legacy Archives and also ACS Web Edition


American Geophysical Union ( AGU) : AGU is  non-profit organization of Earth, atmosphericoceanhydrologicspace, and planetary scientists and enthusiasts .AGU's activities are focused on the organization and dissemination of scientific information in the interdisciplinary and international fields within the Earth and space sciences. The geophysical sciences involve four fundamental areas: atmospheric and ocean sciencessolid-Earth scienceshydrologic sciences; and space sciences. IISER Mohali has access to Journals from 1896 to 1996.

American Institute of Physics ( AIP): The American Institute of Physics is a non-profit membership organization advances, promotes and serves the physical sciences for the benefit of humanity. AIP offers authoritative information, services, and expertise in physics education and student programs, science communication, government relations, career services for science and engineering professionals, statistical research in physics employment and education, industrial outreach, and the history of physics and allied fields. AIP also publishes the flagship magazine Physics Today and is home to the Society of Physics Students and the Niels Bohr Library and Archives. Institute has access to complete package of journals.

American Physical Society (APS) : The American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics through its outstanding research journals, scientific meetings, and education, outreach, advocacy, and international activities. Institute has access to complete package of journals.

American Society for Microbiology (ASM): The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is the oldest and largest single life science membership organization in the world. ASM promote and advance the microbial sciences and provides a platform for sharing the latest scientific discoveries through books, journals, meetings and conferences, help to strengthen sustainable health systems around the world. Institute has access to complete package of journals.

Annual Reviews :  Annual Reviews is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the worldwide scientific community with a useful and intelligent synthesis of the primary research literature for a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. Since 1932, Annual Reviews has offered comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists. Annual Reviews volumes are published each year for 46 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences including Economics.  Institute has access to complete package of journals.

Cell Press : Cell Press is a leading publisher of cutting-edge biomedical research and reviews. Flagship journal, Cell, was launched by Benjamin Lewin in 1974 under the aegis of MIT Press. In 1986, Cell Press became established as an independent publisher and subsequently launched hallmark journals including NeuronImmunity, and Molecular Cell . Institute has access to complete package of journals.


CMIE’s(Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy)(CPHS Dx): an exclusive data set “Consumer Pyramids Household Survey Dx:


IndiaStat.Com : It’s a cluster of 56 associate websites wherein 19 sites are sector specific,6 are regional websites,  31 websites are state specific. The “IndiaStat “database provides basic aggregate and state levels data on Socio-Economic and Statistical Information of Indian Economy covering agriculture, industry, banks, financial institutions, demography, infrastructure, public finance, company etc

Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) : The Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), successor to the Corporate Studies Group (CSG), is a national-level policy research organization in the public domain and is affiliated to the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Developing on the initial strength of studying India's industrial regulations, ISID has gained varied expertise in the analysis of the issues thrown up by the changing policy environment. The Institute's research and academic activities are organized under the broad thematic areas such as Industrialization, Corporate Sector, Trade Investment Technology, Public Health, Media Studies, Employment etc., Institute has access to complete package of Social Science journals.

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) : JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, is the world's first peer reviewed scientific video journal, established in 2006. JoVE is devoted to publishing scientific research in a visual format to help researchers overcome two of the biggest challenges facing the scientific research community today. All JoVE articles are indexed in subject-relevant indexing sites, including PubMed/MEDLINE, SciFinder and Scopus. IISER Mohali has access to disciplines of Biology, Neuroscience, Immunology and infection, Medicine, Bioengineering, Engineering, Chemistry, Environment, Behaviour, Science Education I : General Laboratory techniques, Science Education-II : Basic Methods in cellular and Molecular Biology

JSTOR : JSTOR is a not for profit service that offers a high-quality, interdisciplinary archive to support scholarship and teaching. It includes archives of more than two thousand three hundred leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work. The entire corpus is full-text searchable, offers search term highlighting, includes high-quality images, and is interlinked by millions of citations and references. Journals are always included from volume 1, issue 1 and include previous and related titles. The most recently published issues (past 3-5 years) are generally not available. However, beginning in 2011, current issues for more than 150 journals will be available on JSTOR as part of the Current Scholarship Program.

Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society : The Memoirs of the AMS series is devoted to the publication of research in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. The Memoirs is designed particularly to publish long papers or groups of cognate papers in book form, and is under the supervision of the Editorial Committee of the AMS journal Transactions of the AMS. IISER Mohali has to these Memoirs from 1950 to till date.


Oxford University Press ( OUP): Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Institute has access to complete package of journals.

 Project Muse : Project Muse premium collection provides full text online access to a comprehensive selection of prestigious humanities and social sciences journals. Journals are heavily indexed and peer-reviewed, with critically acclaimed articles by the most respected scholars in their fields. MUSE is also the sole source of complete, full-text versions of titles from many of the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies. Currently, MUSE provides full-text access to current content from over 454 titles representing nearly 100 not-for-profit publishers. 

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC Gold): RSC is a not-for-profit organisation with a heritage that spans 175 years with International vision to promote education and Research in chemistry and the chemical sciences. Institute has access to complete package of RSC Gold.

Science Direct : Elsevier's ScienceDirect is a extensive and unique full text database covers authoritative titles from the core scientific literature, including high-impact factor titles such as The Lancet, Cell and Tetrahedron. The platform offers sophisticated search and retrieval functionality that enables the user to maximize the effectiveness of their knowledge discovery process. Our library provides access to 1015 online journals under four basic science subjects i.e Biochemistry,(1088 ) Mathematics ( 101), Physics ( 113), Chemistry ( 113) through Science Direct.

The Royal Society, London : The Royal Society is a Fellowship of many of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. It recognise, promote, and support excellence in science and to encourage the development and use of science for the benefit of humanity. The Society has played a part in some of the most fundamental, significant, and life-changing discoveries in scientific history and Royal Society scientists continue to make outstanding contributions to science in many research areas. Institute has access to complete package of journals.

Taylor & Francis: Taylor & Francis Group is an international company originating in the United Kingdom that publishes books and academic journals. It is a division of Informa , a United Kingdom-based publisher. IISER Mohali has access to 500+ Journals from Science and Humanities.

Wiley : Wiley is the international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, with strengths in every major academic and professional field and partnerships with many of the world's leading societies. Wiley Online Library hosts the world's broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. The Institute has subscription to customized package of 140 Journals from various disciplines of basic sciences.


 e-Book Databases : ( Through eSS / NDL)

World e-Book library (through NDL): The World Public Library Association is the world’s largest aggregator of eBooks. Founded in 1996, the World Public Library Association is a global coordinated effort to preserve and disseminate historical books, Classic works of literature, serials, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and other heritage works in a number of languages and Countries around the world.

      As a member of the World Public Library, you will be able to access all +3,000,000 digital eBooks to read online or download and save for later. All of the eBooks are portable PDF file formatted, and all Audio eBooks are portable MP3 file formatted. These formats have been specially designed to be cross platform compatible with all PCs, Laptops, PDAs, Kindle DX, Kindle 3 iPad/iPods, eReaders, or Smartphones. Pl click below links for accessing :


 http://Community.WorldLibrary.In/?AffiliateKey=NDL- MY1147


South Asia Archive : The South Asia Archive is an extensive resource for students and scholars across the humanities and social sciences. The historical documents within the Archive are truly interdisciplinary, reflecting the varied range of knowledge production in colonial and early post-colonial India and the wider sub-continent. Comprising material sourced from collectors and archivists by the South Asia Research Foundation, this Archive brings together a wealth of important and unique primary and secondary content