Circulation Policy

Borrowing of Materials
Library provides general access to collection and a full range of loan services. These services include issue of materials from the circulating collections, checking in returned materials, and shelving of reading materials. Circulation staff in the library will also assist you in placing reservation and recall requests on items that are issued out and will help you in locating items in the stack area and deal with related matters.

Circulation Policies
Borrowing of reading materials facility is available to the faculty, researchers, students and staff of the Institute. The registration to use the library facility and services is automatic for the faculty and staff on joining the Institute and for students on registration for the academic programs.
The rules are framed to facilitate and promote, rather than to constrain, the use of library collection and services.

The faculty members, staff & students of the Institute are required to enrol as members of the Library (upon joining the Institute) by downloading and filling up membership form library website (along with a passport size photograph). This entitles the use of resources & services offered for the purpose of academic and research work.


For Project Asst. and Research Associate / Post Doc, it is mandatory to have Institute Identity Card and also get the recommendations of Project Investigator ( PI) / Supervisor on dully filled membership Form.


NOTE : Members are requested to keep informed the library if any changes in their email or mobile number immediately. Library is neither responsible for bouncing of emails nor non- receipt the emails to destination due to change of email id or technical Problem.

·          Institute Identity Card considered as Library membership card is a must for issue & return of Library reading material. Physical presence of the borrower is mandatory to get the book issued. No second person is entertained with card of any other borrower.


Borrowing Privileges:


No. of Books


In days

 Faculty/Academic Staff



 PhD Scholars



 Fifth Year UG Students



 Int PhD – 3rd to 5th Year



 Int PhD -1st & 2nd Year



 Research Associate / Post Doc*



 UG Students – 1st to 4th Year



 Project Asst*










·         Library has the collection of multiple copies of Prescribed Textbooks. One copy of text book will be with instructor for entire Semester, One / Two copy of the same book will be in library as “REFERENCE ONLY” (Not for Issue) and other copies will be issued only for TWO days.

·         *If Research Associates, Project Asst., Post Doctoral etc does not have Identify Card of the Institute (Library Card), s/he can not avail the borrowing facility on his / her name, instead s/he can avail from his/her Instructor / Supervisor, provided they personally come to library and get them issued by their card.


·         The Identity Card of Institute (Library Membership Card) along with physical presence of the borrower is mandatory to get the book issued. No second person is entertained with card of any other borrower.

·         The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehaviour or misuse of the Library cilities/materials



Advance Reminder
Borrower gets automatic email in advance (Faculty - 3 days, students – 2days and Staff - 2 days) to remind the borrower to return book or to get it renewed.


Reminder on Due Date :

Borrower will get the automatics email on “ Due to date” to remind the borrower to return the book to get it renewed


OVER DUE reminder :

Borrower will get email reminder on every day till s/he return the book by indicating the amount of “Over Due” ( fine)  generated.

NOTE: Library is not responsible for non- receipt of any type of reminders. Once book is issued, it is the responsibility of borrower to return the book before / on due date. After Due date , the fine amount generated is automatic. Under no circumstances late Fee generated will be reduced or “Waived off”.

Late fee

In case borrowed document is not returned by the due date, an Overdue/Fine will be charged to the members as per the details given in below:  The issue facility shall be suspended, if the net amount accumulated exceeds Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) User account will be activated again, once the late fee is paid and the books are returned.

Overdue Charges:

Category of Document

Overdue Rate

No. of Days Overdue

Prescribed Textbook

Rs.20 Per day ( Borrowing Period is 2 days)

                    Each day

Other monographs

a). Rs. 01 per day
b). Rs. 03 per day
c). Rs. 05 per day

01 to 07 days
08 to 15 days
16 or more days





·         Borrower has to pay the Fine amount at circulation Counter and get the receipt of the amount paid to open the account immediately.

·         Incase of Fine amount exceeds Rs.500/- and account is blocked, the library will send the list of defaulters to the Accounts Section to deduct the amount from Salary / fellowship. The Issue account of borrower will be opened only when Accounts Section acknowledge the deduction of amount officially.



For renewal of issued books, a borrower has to physically bring the books to the Library. If a borrowed book is not on demand, then a borrower may renew the book for one more time .




Library has the right to recall a issued book if the same is required by another user or on demand.



Members can reserve only those materials, which are already issued. One Can reserve the book through Log­-In with borrower’s online account. The user will be intimated through email once the book is checked-in. One reader can reserve only one book at a time. Reserved books will be put on hold at the Circulation Desk for maximum of two working days (inclusive of the day on which it is received/returned) from the date of return by previous borrower. If a member who has reserved the book fails to pick up the same within this period, the reservation stands cancelled.


Loss of / Damage to Library Materials

Loss of library book(s) has to be reported immediately to the Library.


·         Overdue fine, if any will be charged till the loss of book(s) is reported. If the original book is returned after reporting it lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return.

·         Borrower will have to replace the book, if lost/damaged with latest edition within 45 days from reporting, along with overdue charges.

·         In case borrower is leaving the Institute, s/he does not have the time to get for replacement; borrower has to pay the cost of latest version of book + Rs.100/- as handling charges provided the book is available in market.

·         If the lost book is out of stock / print or rare documents and if the borrower is unable to replace it, he/she will have to pay three times the prevailing cost of the book


Vacation Issues (Winter/Summer)

Student members, except those completing their final semester program, can borrow books during the vacation the (Winter/Summer) period as per the entitlement. Before going on vacation, member has to make a formal request to the Library for issuing it to vacation period / short period in vacation. However Reader cannot claim as right to issue book for vacation. It shall be issued on discretion of Library to see whether multiple copies are there or whether it is demandable book etc., so that other students not suffer.


Personal Books

Library Members are allowed to bring their personal books, Laptops and other reading materials inside the Library. These items should bear the respective members name and Roll Number. Members will have to produce these items at the Check Point to stamp on personal books and make entry the details of personal reading materials every time while entering to and leaving the Library. 


Books Issued to Members

Members are allowed to bring in Library books already issued on their name for reference purpose. These will have to be produced / fill up the Prescribed Check slip at the Check Point for verification of dates etc. every time while entering in and leaving of the Library.


No Dues/Clearance Certificate:

Members will be issued with „No Dues/Clearance Certificate“ only when all the outstanding dues with respect to the borrowed books and overdue amount etc, if any, are cleared.


Termination of Membership

If any member is found "Violating library rules/misbehaving/misusing/mutilating/ stealing/cutting pages from a book’ etc, strict disciplinary action will be taken against the member, in addition to withdrawing the library facility.


Circulation/Checkpoint Rules :

·         Entry and Exit timings of readers are computerized. While entering the library, reader has to scan the Institute Identity Card at Check-point. As soon as s/he scanned the card, details along with the Photo of reader will be displayed and Entry timing will be recorded and displayed.  While leaving the library, again reader has to scan the Card and details and Photo of reader will be displayed and also Exit timing will be recorded and displayed.


In case Reader could not carry I-Card, then reader has to enter his/ her Reg. Number / Employee No. manually in Software .


·         All issue & return of Library materials are handled from the Circulation Desk during its working hours. While returning the borrower has to handover the book to the library staff and ensures its return in his/her account. Borrower cannot claim its return if s/he left the book in any corner of the library. Library is not responsible for issued book leaving in library premises.

·         Borrowers are requested to make sure that the books are properly issued or returned.

·         Library users are requested to bring their ID card while coming to the Library.

·         The borrower is requested to check the books & other reading materials thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, any damages, markings etc. before borrowing.

·         No book in damaged conditions may be accepted from the borrower. Mutilated or spoiled books may have to be replaced by the borrower.

·        The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehaviour or misuse of the Library facilities/materials.

·         Library Reference Documents like Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Year Books, Journals (Loose & Bound), Theses, Project Reports, Census, Handbooks will not be issued out.

·         rary materials will be issued/returned, only if borrower shows the ID Card at the circulation Desk.

·         The Institute ID Card used for borrowing Library materials is not transferable and must be produced whenever requested by Library staff.

·         Members are held responsible for all items issued on their name, until they are returned by the respective members to the Library.

·         Latest issues of journals/magazines are not issued out.

·         Materials designated as Newspapers are not issued out.

·         Faculty and staff going on long leave, with or without salary, deputation, study leave, or extraordinary leave will have to return all borrowed materials before leaving the institute.

·         No material from the Library should be taken out without proper issue/ recording. Any type of violation may lead to a disciplinary action.

·         The library users must keep their bags and other personal belongings outside the library in the Property Counters

·         All the users will present themselves for a Check at the 'Check Point' while going out of the library to ensure that they take out only checked out documents from the library.

·         When a reader takes 'issued books' inside the library not for returning but for consultation, please do enter at the 'Check Point' on the prescribed 'Check Slip'. While taking out this issued document, please strike off the entry earlier made you.