Library of IISER Mohali is housed in an Iconic building which is centrally located to Research Labs, Lecture Halls, Computer Teaching Labs, Hostels, Faculty building, Administrative building, Health Centre as well as Cafeteria which makes the readers comfortable to access the library round the clock. The library spaces were designed for creative and innovative exchange of scholarly information and a place for peaceful learning and collective voice reading. The library space of IISER Mohali is applauded not only for its aesthetic ambience but also for its astonishing infrastructure. This exemplary building implements the theme “Learning Commons” with the mission to provide effective, informal, and efficient use of the library resources and services. The user-friendly space of the library helps the users to be creative and collaborative with their peers, and such an atmosphere inspires students to be industrious and efficacious.  IISER Mohali is proud to introduce and implement the theme “Learning Commons” in its library in 2014, which has given the way or places to its users hanging in library round the clock.


The inclusion of the Learning Commons theme as a vital element in the present library‘s design offers an opportunity to transform the library’s role on campus from a provider of information to a facilitator of learning. The new library space is now commonly repurposed to bring students together to work, study, and socialize. The Learning Commons throws open an arena of new learning practice to aid education and research: comfortable furniture for both individual and group study, modular furnishings with attractive and comforatbe seating designs that allow users to customize their learning ambience to suit their needs, access to wireless networks and electrical outlets on reading tables, multimedia labs etc.


It was designed such way that every corner of the building equiped with Scientifc Knowldege in form of Scientifc posters and quotes, every wall of the building with cultural and traditional heritage of India. There were poems in 16 Indian langauges with english translation along with National Song and name of Poet to make readers proud to see thier own langues on glass walls of library. Projection of Photos of all Indian Nobel laurets, philosophical quotes, Dr.S.R. Ranganathan’s laws etc gives opportunity to readers to know or learn the culture of other parts of India.


Under these Learning Spaces, IISER Mohali provides the following facilities in the library. After creations of these spaces, on an average, the footfall in library has increased to 1000%.


*     Discussion Room (s):  Informatics Building (Library) has two discussion rooms which provides space for faculty to 

have discussion with his/her research group. Spaces are equipped with required infrastructure and multimedia accessories for making presentations as well as teaching and learning process. However, one needs to reserve the space in advance.

*        Group Study Room(s):  Every floor of the building has Group Study Room which Provides space for students to carry out group study, voice reading and discussions with their research/academic peers. Spaces are equipped with required infrastructure and multimedia accessories for presentation purpose as well as teaching and learning process.

*       Seminar Rehearsal Room (s):   As a part of learning process, before facing the actual seminar delivery, the students can make use of this room to reherse their presentations in the prescence of their supervisor/ instructor/research team. This helps in boosting up the students’confidence level.The room is equippedwith multi interactive functionalities such as interactive/smart boards, LED screens, Computer infrastructure, podium, white boards etc., an advance booking of the room is appreciated.

*       Smart /Interactive Room (s):  A space for readers to exchange academic and research dialogues with other group/institute/university through online interview/interactions. One needs to reserve the space in advance by sending formal request to Librarian through email. This room is most demanded room and to cope with demand, the library had to create two more rooms of this type with required infrastructure and multimedia accessoriesfor making online presentations as well as interviews.

*       Audiovisual Zone:  A space for e­-learning through installed documentary film on science and technology. The readers need to bring their headsets to use these resources

*      Podcast Room: A space for recording of Scientific Interviews / talks as well as downloading of series of digital audio or

Video files, which a user can listen later.

*       Research Scholar's Zone:  Study carrels with electrical outlets and Wi­Fi for research scholars to have peaceful ambience to prepare them for research.

*       Knowledge Exchange:  A place where one can leave unsolved subject related questions. This gives an opportunity for others to exchange their knowledge by attempting to provide potential answers to the question. At the end of the day, the reader who left the query can collect the solution and also can have discussion with solution provider in discussion rooms/ Group Study Rooms.

*       Thought Provoking:  An opportunity to have offline debate on current affairs. This is an area where one can start a debate by leaving a topic. Other users can express their written opinion/views on the topic.

*       Sky Library:  A space on top of the building replete with pleasure reading materials (mostly fiction).One can enjoy reading in the presence of natural light with the panoramic view of the city at its backdrop and green garden with flowers in front.

*      Institute Publications Zone:  As soon as any research paper or book is published by faculty/students of IISER

 Mohali, it will be displayed in this Zone. One can have a look at the full text of these documents.

*       Latest News on LED Screens:  Flashing news on the latest publications of IISER Mohali with citation and photo of Institute author, regular scientific news, and institute events with photographs, new arrivals with the book image, Rules and usage statistics of library etc.

*       Information Kiosks:  Online library catalogue with touch screen and multimedia effects provided on every floor to know the book location etc.

*       Centralized Computer Teaching Labs : Space for readers to have hands-on teaching and learning courses.

*       Digital Zone: Computers with network in all floors for accessing digital content, i.e ,e-journals,e-Books and database.

*       Walk-Through Institute : Space for display of posters on Projects going on in the Institute from each department.  One can view the general, academic, and research oriented activities of IISER Mohali in a single frame.

*       Showcasing Research : Space for display of research out put of Institutes in the form of Scientometrics- Projection of Institute Research, Publications,h-index, subjectwise& departments wise contribution , National & International Collaboration, h-index of prolific authors of Institute and many more.

*       Institute Awards : Space for display of Awards received by IISER Mohali.

*       Journey of IISER Mohali : Depiction of Institute‘s Journey from 2006 ( Foundation Cermoney) till date by potraying important events of Institute in the form of photographs, Videos etc.

*       Faculty Corner : Space for display of faculty Profile- Thier achievements, posters, projects, etc from each department and also Awards / honours received by Researchers and faculty members of Institute.

*       Student’s Corner : Space for display of students profile / Photos for those who have achieved Academic excellence, Awards or Sports activites etc.

*       Alumini Corner: Space for Alumni to display photos of students who made achievements / brought laeurals to the Institute.

*       Institute News :Space for display of News Clipping of Institute ie. Institute wise, Under-Gradutaes, Post-Graduates, Researchers, Faculty wise etc.,

*       Wi-Fi Space: Wi-Fi is available in all eight floors of the Informatics Building (library) for seamless access to e-resources of library

*      Podcost Studio : Space for recordings of audio and Video talks/ Interviews etc

*        Cafe :  A space for relaxing and socializing with Coffee / Tea / drinks

*      Centralized Air-Conditioning : Centralized AC is available in all floors of the library