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Grammarly for Chrome
Grammarly’s free browser extension helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, Linkedin, and anywhere else you write on the Web.
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Grammarly for Microsoft® Office
If you prefer to write documents using Microsoft® Word, then installing Grammarly’s add-in is a must . As a bonus, this add-in also integrates with Outlook™ to help you ensure your emails are grammatically correct before you hit send.
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Grammarly for Windows
Grammarly’s native app will be right at home on your desktop. Access your documents or start a new project with one simple click.
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New document

You can create a new blank document or upload an existing document
(.txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf) to edit it with Grammarly.

You can also create a new document from within an existing open document view.

Another option for importing existing text is to create a blank document, then paste in text
from your clipboard (CTRL+V on PCs and ⌘+V on Macs).

Editing text

Grammarly automatically checks everything you type, making it easy to spot and fix errors quickly. When your document is being checked, a notification appears in  the status bar at the bottom of the page. You can keep typing, and Grammarly will continue checking.

Changes to your document are automatically saved to Grammarly as you type, so you do not have to worry about losing your work.

Exporting document

Once you’re finished editing, you can copy the text to your clipboard (CTRL+C on PCs and ⌘+C on Macs) or download the document.

If you started by uploading a document file, Grammarly will export your document in the same file format that you began with (for example, if you started by uploading a .doc file, your Grammarly document will be available to download as a .doc file).

Making corrections

Correction cards are shown to the right of the text, allowing you to correct a mistake in one click.

Accept a correction

Click on a suggested correction to apply the change in the text. To revert a recently applied correction, click Undo.

Add to dictionary

Words added to your personal dictionary are no longer highlighted as mistakes.

Expand a card

View a detailed description of the highlighted mistake.

Ignore a card

Cards you ignore are removed from the list of correction cards.

Grammarly checks

You can easily see which checks Grammarly is running on your document and click to toggle a check on or off.

Document and desktop settings

The document desktop is where your documents are stored.

You can change your Profile and Subscription settings from the menu in the left-hand panel.

Specialty documents

Choose a type for your document to get the most accurate and relevant corrections for your specific writing situation.

Document statistics

Click the score button in the lower right corner of the screen to view a detailed document statistics dashboard.

You can download all the information shown on the dashboard in one convenient report by clicking the «Download detailed report» button.

Professional proofreading

Click the magic wand icon to send your document to a professional proofreader.

Human-powered proofreading is a unique feature of Grammarly that lets you send your document to a professional proofreader in one click. Our software-augmented approach allows multiple proofreaders to work on your document simultaneously, ensuring your document is correct with a lightning-fast turnaround.